Fruits & Vegetables Concentrate Juice(“保心365” 浓缩蒜与果醋汁)

Fruits & Vegetables Concentrate Juice(“保心365” 浓缩蒜与果醋汁)

SGD 59.00

Bon Heart 365 is a fruits and vegetables concentrate, that is produced from 7 natural ingredients, mixed together for one health purpose - to keep you away from illnesses and diseases. The ingredients complements each other, blending the best essences together. This helps to regulates your diet and control your body wellness in a natural way. Our product: - contains NO Preservatives, NO Colouring, NO Added sugar and NO Cholesterol - is produced freshly from natural ingredients - has odour extracted from the ingredients naturally without affecting their functional properties - is unique and offers a pleasant fruity taste no other similar product can give Storage: Keep refrigerated after opening! *Promotion: Buy 1 get 1 free! *Serves 25! Only less than $2.50 per day! *Inclusive of GST & delivery charge!

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