Bon Heart 365 Fruits & Vegetables Concentrate

Bon Heart 365 is a combination of 7 natural ingredients, extracted from each best essences to provide you with a balanced mix of nutrients and vitamins. It is produced as a concentrated juice, to preserve in its best and richest form, without compromising on the goodness. Refered to as a superfood, it aims to bring nothing less than health benefits!

Bon heart 365 is here to keep you away from unwanted diseases. We all know for a fact that ‘prevention is better than cure’, but what exactly are we preventing? Answer: Blood Diseases and disorder. Blood is a fluid in humans, that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells. And hence this is very important as it connects all over your body, to your organs (such as lungs, kidneys, heart) and to your intestines. We have to ensure what are feeding, are the right nutrients for our blood to absorb so as to prevent harmful bacteria to attack our body / get out of our body; and this is a tip to stay away or combat these chronic diseases. And just as you would have possibly understood and imagined, with failure of operating organs, it could leads to other diseases. For eg, High Blood Pressure could lead to stroke/ coronary artery disease/ kidney failure, High Blood Sugar could lead to diabetes/ stroke, High Cholesterol(fats (lipids) in your blood.) could lead to heart attack and Other Blood diseases – Cancer i.e leukemia Let's not take the chance of risk!

So....What is the purpose of Bon Heart 365?

Benefits of Bon Heart 365

Bon Heart 365 helps to: - Aid in digestive system/ improve bowel movement (detox) - Regulate your diet / weight - Blood purifying - Promote metabolism - Prevention of cardiovascular blockage                  - Effectingly controlling 3 'High' - High Blood Sugar/ High Blood Pressure/ High Cholesterol - Reduce risk of diseases (such as heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes and etc) *No preservatives / colouring / added sugar "In good health and all may go well with you." Nourish yourself with the best, healing from the inside. It is a bottle of concentrate juice and you will be able to adjust the serving yourself! *Per bottle serves 25 *Inclusive of GST & delivery charge!

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The recipe creates a balance taste of each ingredient, complimenting each other, giving you a taste of fruity aroma lingering in your breath. 


Quality Assured!

We ensure that all raw materials, manufacturing process and final products are subjected to stringent quality control and assurance. Our products are recognized with the accreditation by relevant authority in Singapore.

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